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திருமூலர் குரு விழா / Thirumoolar Guru Puja (22nd SEPTEMBER-2016)

திருமூலர் குரு விழா  (22/SEP /2016)- @Maruderi
(6am to 9pm - Agandam time)

முத்தான வாக்குதனை பகர சொல்வேன்
முழுமதியின் ஞானமதை தானுரைக்க
குற்றமில்லா உமை யப்பன் ஆசியோடு
குடிலமதில் பூசையது நிலை குறித்து

Share the verses that are as good as PEARLS
in this day of fullmoon the gnana verses are
with the blessings of flawless Uma- Parameshwara
on the Purattasi-puja for Kudilam at Maruderi

குறித்ததோர் புரட்டையிலே ரோகிணி தான்
குணமுடனே எழுந்தருளும் சோதி மார்க்கம்
நெறியான ஞானமதை உலகுக்கு இந்த
நந்தியுடன் அம்சமான மூலன் தானும்

As marked on the Rohini of Purattasi
to rise and bless through the Jyothi (in agandam)-this time
is the one who gave to world the principled Gnanam
The amsam of Nandhi , The MOOLAN

தானுரைக்க நட ராயன் ஆசியோடு
தந்தலத்தில் நெடிய தவம்கொண்ட சித்தன்
ஊனமற திருவரவை மக்கள் தானும்
உணர்வுடனே ஆத்மஞானம் அவத்தை நீங்க

to Say he was blessed by NATARAJA
and a Siddha who did long Penance
whose blessed visit will move blocks of people
will be relieved from avastas affecting atmagnana

நீங்க வே திருவம்பல சக்கரம்
நிலைநிறுத்தி அருளும்பொருளும் நெறியில் காண
காணவே ஆவடுதுறை அரசன்
கவனமுடன் நினைவேற்றி பதிகம் கொண்டு

For relief was the Thiruvambala Chakkra
to install and get spiritual and Material growth by Principles
is the king of Avaduthurai (Moolar and Masilamani-naadhar)
with care think and go through the padigam

கொண்டுமே ஓம் ஸ்ரீம் ஸ்ரீம் ரீம் ஹ்ரீம்
ஸ்ரீ திருமூலரே நமஹ என்று நவின்றுஏத்த
எண்ணமதில் மகிழ்ந்து நல்லாசி ஈய
ஏற்றம்பட மருந்திற்கும் உகந்த சித்தன்

Then praise the mantra of Sri Moolar
(Om Shreem Shreem Reem hreem Shree Thirmoolare Namaha)
in thoughts and minds to get his blessings
who is also a great Siddha of Medicine

சித்தமதில் அவன்குணமே இரண்டற கலந்து
சீவமதில் ஒளியோங்கி செய்தல் திறம்
உத்தமமாய் வில்வாதி சூரணமும்
ஓர்விதமாய் அரசு தளிர் மிதமாய் கூட்டி

Thus his characteristics gets into one's Siddham
In Siddham Increasing the light is the Skill   (Thirumoolar can transcend into any as LIGHT)
As Uttham with Vilvadhi Churna (Powder)
Add tender leaves of ArasamTree in lesser proposition

கூட்டியே பால்பொருளும் உகந்த வண்ணம்
குறிப்பான ஆண் நிறைகள் தலத்திலேயேக
நுட்பமாய் வரவுபின் ஆசி திண்ணம்
நித்தியமாய் தவநிஷ்டை கொண்டோர் வரவும்

Add Milkproduct related product in food
That day the place will be visited by many bulls
After that the kudilam will have COWS
Then people who meditate on daily basis will visit the place

வரவுகளும் கல்நாதம் தொடங்கும் அப்பா
வாகான சதம் ஐம்பால் மானுடர்க்கு
பூரண அன்னமுடன் மருந்தும் ஈந்து
புரட்டையதில் பூசையதில் சிறப்பாய் கூற

After that the Rhythmic beat of medicinal Stone (Kalvam: Stones by Siddhas to grind medicines)
There will be people visiting puja
for annampaalithal and consumption of Medicine
Speciality of Puratasi Month is such that

The great Shakthi will be Present-there (Aakarshanam)
:) Visit the place to know more

A place that will be visited by the Siddha who has did Penance for 3000 Years

கூறிட்ட சக்தி  யவள் ஆகர்ஷணத்தை
குறிப்பாக ... (...:)...மற்றவை நேரில் )...

வாருங்கள் 3000 ஆண்டு தவம்கொண்ட தவயோகியின் ஆசியை பெறுங்கள்

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Thiruvonam Sangalpam

THIRUVONAM. The harvest festival day. It is about food on which all living beings survive.The universe and panchabootha has richness and abundance for all Living beings that is harvested on Soil.

The abundance in nature is never "SEEN" due to ignorance of human being. While innocence can be forgiven ignorance can't. Let me explain how.

The great Siddhas like Agathiar have created Cauvery and  orchestrated it's flow for the welfare of all living beings surrounding it. Sundaranandar (about Krishi), Parashara (About Krushi)and Various Siddhas have thought us how to manage harvest the natural way.

#Krishi/Krushi means farming. The Following link has exhaustive details on how ancient the farming culture has been. (

Sri Sundaranandhar had put these texts to practice (practically) and hence was called as Vallabha Siddhar by other Yogis.  Farming thus is an ancient and a blessed culture (not job) guided by noble souls. The principle and rules around Farming were formulated with the help of the great Gnanis/Yogis. They have been constantly guiding as at various era on this front.

However the truth is that we have been ignoring the principle for various reasons. Hence we are in the era where water is sold in bottles and natural seeds are close to extinction. The greed is taking a toll on the natural resources through illegal mining and abduction. Man is constantly exploiting resources in the name of economy. It is getting to a point where the value added products can't be traced to the actual ingredients.

It is hard to get proper ghee from a natural cow (நாட்டு பசு : உதாரணம் காங்கேயம் ). Forget it as food consumption, we are even finding it hard to procure that for medicinal purposes. GMC are altered at a seed level for a crop. A Crop seed is called Beejam that consist of numerous medicinal values. Altering that for quantity is overriding it's natural ability. It is a direct mode of tapping Poison in the name of maximizing for profits. When we had Paruthi Pal provided at Maruderi at least 70% of them have never tasted the milk that comes out of the Cotton Seed. (What an Irony)

The Collective ignorance is helping breed Collective greed. We will have to overcome this. Sundaranandhar do come to world like the Naturalist Nammalwar. If you don't know him I recommend to watch these

"Let's Worship the Prabancham (Cosmos) and all Divinity to provide material strength and mental strength to our Farmers. Let the world produce true farmers who are not divided by Politics or Language. Let these farmers have all the blessings to produce good and natural food to rest of the world. Let the world be filled with Abundant Good Grains, Natural food and Nutrition in abundance. Let food become medicine and nourish our body that carries the Athman. Living in harmony within and with others is called Jeevagarunyam (aka) Sanmargam."

"உடம்பை வளர்த்தேன் உயிர் வளர்தேனே " - Thirumoolar

Saturday, September 10, 2016

மருதேரி சோதி / Maruderi Jyothi

தன்னிலே பூசைவிதி தன்னை கூற
தவறாமல் சோதியதற்கு ஓர்ச்சின்னம் இல்லை
சின்னமில்லை என்றுரைத்த பிருகு தானும்
சிவநிலையில் நின்றாலும் சோதியாகி

சோதியாகி சன்மார்க்க நெறியிலே தான்
சுத்தமதாய் நிலைநிற்க ஓர் அடையாளத்துள்
அடையாளம் முன்யீந்த படியே தானும்
அற்றலுடன் நந்தியும் காமதேனுவும்

மேன்மைபட கற்பக விருட்க்ஷம் தானும்
மிகுதியாய் தாமரையும் சோதி யாகும்
இவையாவும் நிச்சயித்த வழியில் மாறா
இதுகாலம் ஓர் தூலிதத்தால் அடையாளங்கள் 

தத்துவமாய் நின்றதொரு சோதி சோதி
தட்பரமாய் நின்றதொரு சோதி சோதி
உட்புறமாய் கண்டதொரு சோதி சோதி
உணர்ச்சிக்கு அப்பாலாய் நின்ற சோதி

சோதிமயமான தொரு சோமன் சோமன்
சோம ஒளியில் நின்றதொரு சித்தரூபன்
ரூபனாய் தனை வணங்க மனதையொன்றி 
ரூபலயம் கொள்ளாது தவத்தை நோக்கி

நோக்கியே தவநிஷ்டைகொண்டோர் தாமும்
நின்தலத்தில் உணர்வதுக்கு ஆசி ஈய
தீர்த்த நிலை தானிருந்தது ஆசி செய்வோம்
திருநிலையை சோதியதற்கு 

Jyothi Jyothi that stood as That + Thuvam (That Principle-fact)
Jyothi Jyothi that stood as That + Param ( That Supreme)
Jyothi Jyothi that is seen inside (The inner principle)
Jyothi that stood beyond all emotions

Jyothi ness due to Soman Soman
In Soma's light stood Siddha Roopan
To Bow the Roopan have a focused mind
And mediate instead of harmonizing with Roopam
Focusing by the those who meditate and get in trance
To realize that are the blessings in this place
From Thirtha we will be blessing all
The divine state Jyothi ...

Monday, August 29, 2016

Understanding from hearing/reading vs knowing from Experience

Understanding from hearing/reading vs knowing from Experience

What you know thru' experience over a period of time is what matters and not what you know thru' reading from books.

While a lot of Siddha songs helps one understand about the truth, it still is "the knowing experience" of the Great Siddha or Author.

Let's pick one such things for our discussion here. Thirumoolar say that following five are dreadful sins (Panchama Paadagam).
  1. Murder, 
  2. Theft, 
  3. Alcoholic Substances, 
  4. Lust and 
  5. Lies

A reader understand these are five dreadful sins, yet doesn't have the ability/Quality to discipline and stay away. This is true with all deadly sins that all religions tell and our ability to follow them.

It takes tremendous will power and training of mind to follow or execute discipline, which is required to overcome these sins. The Prabancham exploits our weakness on these and shows how vulnerable one can become respect to each of these 5 sins. The world forces us with scenarios that we have to deal and confront without committing these sons.

It forces to learn from one's own experience and strengthen their discipline by or succumb to the tests provided by the universe. The test will continue until disciplining. Who know how many years the soul has to struggle in order to gain this knowledge of divinity

True "knowing from experience" is "knowing of divinity". A True experience towards Truth.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Pulasthiar Guru Pooja / After 2:00pm 25th-Aug on 2016

சிவராஜ யோகி புலத்தியர்

சிவராஜ யோகி புலஸ்தியர் பற்றி நந்தி தேவர் குறிப்பு :

நோக்கிப்பின் இருபான் நாழிகை மேல்
நிலை நிறுத்த நல்லதொரு அகண்ட சோதி
மிக்கவே அன்று முழுதும் கார்மேகன்
மேலான வெண்ணையுண்டோன் ஞான மைந்தன்

After 2:00pm 25th-Aug on 2016
is the time for Aganda Jyothi Dharsan
Is a day of ; The one who is made of Dark Clouds
Is the one who eats Butter (Mentions the day as Gokula-Ashtmi)

மைந்தனோடு மனத்தெளிவை அளிப்பார் அப்பா
முக்கியமாய் தவராஜ யோகியான
வந்திடவே புலஸ்தியரும் குடிலம் ஏக
வரவேற்று அவர் ஞானம் அடைவீர் மக்காள்

With son will provide clarity to Mind
Important is the Divine Raja Yogi
Pulasthiar who visits Maruderi's Ashram
Greet him and attain his knowledge : my SONS

அடைவீரே அவர்மூலம் கூறிட தான்
அகத்தியரின் ப்ரியமான ஞான சீடா
கமலமுனி பவுத்திரனே நித்திய சீவனான
புலஸ்தியனே மாமுனியே உன்பாதம் போற்றுகிறோம்

To attain call his Moola mantra that states Oh Guru
"The Favorite disciple of Agasthya and
 Grandson of Kamalamuni, Oh Immortal -
 -Pulasthya, - Mamuni our obeisance to your feet"

போற்றியே தொழுதிட ஞான சித்தன்
ஏற்றதொரு பாபநாசனம் தனிலொரு   முக்தி
இருமுறையாய் ஆவுடையார் கோட்டம் ஒன்று
என்றவிதமும் அவுஷதம் அன்று வில்வாதி

With obeisance to the Gnana Siddha
One of his Mukthi was at Papanasam
the second was at Aavudaiyar Kovil   (Siddhas get to samadhis and mukthis more than once)
the medicine will use combinations of Vilvam for the day

Also Butter with  Thulasi will be provided as Aganda Prasadham on this day. All are welcome to be blessed by the "RAJAYOGIS"

Following is about Pulasthiar from Bogar

உருவான புலஸ்தியரின் மார் க்கம் கேளு
ஓகோகோ நாதர்கள் அறிந்ததில்லை
கருவான தேவரிஷி தன் வரத்தால்
கமலமுனி தன் வயிற்றில் பிறந்த பேரன்
திருவான அகத்தியருக் உகந்த சீடன்
தீர்க்கமுள்ள சிவராஜ புனித யோகன்
பருவான திருமந்திர உபதேசந்தான்
பாருலகில் புலஸ்தியர் என்றறைய லாமே

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Knowing the COSMOS

The explaining of Cosmos and it's existence is always fun.

There are 2 ways of looking at a things and its existence. We either call them as 1) "Start and End" or 2) "0 and Infinity". Though they look the same we need to be careful about the semantics here.

For a "start and end" scenario there needs to be 2 "KNOWN" points. For a better explanation let me take 2 samples here

1) A Tree: If grounded to earth by 10 feet and The Tallest branch is at 80 feet. The human mind grasps that 2point logic and understand the "One thing" to be 90 feet.

2) 2 Apples: If there 2 apples the logic relates as "One thing" with another "One thing" is 2 as relative grasping too.

Man over a period of time has practiced it over and over and that sets the doctrinaire to define the "one thing". This sets as a basis to "Anything is born. That is a start. Anything born will die. That is the end". This sets the dimension of thinking for big bang and all creation theories. Let's hold this for a moment and go to the next part

The "0 and Infinity" scenario there is a nothingness and everything. As we are stuck the previous we will take 2 samples from there and get into this

1) Zero: Nothing :).. NO WHAT? Ok from the previous example "No Tree" and "No Apples". Oh ok got it.

2)Infinity: Everything :) EVERYTHING OF WHAT? Ok "No Tree" in 1miles and "No Apples" in my tables is understandable? Every Tree and Every Apple .....phew then Zero earlier was subjective and not related to the space. Now the context Zero is with respect to the space now. For a moment if I say there is "no "apple" in my table, earth, universe, Cosmos......."

The depth of nothingness is defined by the every-thingness.

That said what every stands between that is "" the manifestation and occupies the space of nothingness to every thingness

If the theory says Cosmos is created then it becomes 1. Whatever is created has a start and end and will perish. It manifested out of nothingness and is in the process of "1 to (N-1) and will never reach infinity as it never ends mathematical sum of "one things".

The space that is provided for this which is 0 to infinity is a plane that can be defined by "1 to N-1" things but exists inside it. WELCOME TO THE VETTAVELLI

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Believing as opposed to knowing

The word believing by virtue is subject to Oscillation. One can start believing or stop believing “something” which wasn’t the same way until then. In another ways swaying of trust is due to lack of “knowledge about the something” or “due to the quality of knowledge about the something”.

Science always continues to look further for knowledge on the “something”. When anyone tries to put forward their knowing experience of this “something” for first time, then it is taken as a theory/Hypothesis. The hypothesis then is subjected for Empirical evidences to define the “something”. The knowing (collective details obtained through experiments, evidences and data) are then looked for coherence and collective acceptance from elite team. Thus the “knowledge of something” is derived.

For a better understanding let us compare 2 such knowledge  here. The “Knowledge of Malaria Cure” vs “Knowledge of Cancer cure”. The former is profound knowledge compared to the later. The former works and is believed whereas the later one is left to disbelief. The disbelief is pretty much synonymous to the word “terminal Illness” in this context.

What works is profound knowledge and what doesn’t is shallow knowledge. “So what works is truth”. In another words “What is truth always works”. The secret is in the “True knowing” irrespective of whether it is science, Maths, Philosophy or Astronomy. It is a constant battle between wisdom and knowledge. It is not the “Intellects” who will get closer to truth it is about the people who exhibit “intelligence” who will get close to the act.

The very act of claiming oneself “intellect in an area” and not knowing the truth of that area is contradicting. This is because you are still clinging on to a knowledge that is not working and calling yourself intellect. This knowledge generates disbelief irrespective of the subject you specialize in.

Philosophically the word “intellect” reflects ego and “intelligence” reflects capability. The latter is about abundance and reflects that it is something,  one  will have to constantly thrive in-order to reach the truth.

It is choice between believing the truth as opposed to knowing the truth J for seekers